These Four Walls

breakups fuckin suck.
What do I do?

Feb 6
Jan 14

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That moment when you start dating someone.
The things that go through your head.
Validation, yes please.
Happiness, elation, all the good stuff, right that’s expected.
Ugh come on girl don’t let your emotions get the best of you… Yet.
Keep your guard up, is he legit?
Oh god this is too good to be true, who can like me?
What does he see in me anyways, I’m not even trying.
Huh maybe that’s the point, don’t try.. Hmm note for the future.
Alright stop thinking negative, I just want to see him.
Is that too much to ask, I don’t want to seem clingy.
I’ve had a bad experience with the ‘clingy’ thing.
Ahh just stop, think about his lips, body, smile, laugh.
Oh wow he’s great isn’t he?
I wonder what my friends will think.
There I go again, validation please?
That moment when you start dating someone.
The things that go through your head.

Jan 12
Mind cycle

obviously i havent said the word best friend in months.

truly, you are just a friend right now.

a friend i want to weed out of my life.

but don’t have the heart to do it.

your’e always depressed and in pain

and im sick of you telling me about it

i used to care, my heart would break for you

now i just yawn

i don’t care one bit,

but i don’t want to be another one of those people

that drop others

i know how that feels

so now i’m in a predicament

how do i drop you

with out really dropping you

i dont want my name to become soiled from you

heck, who are you going to soil it to.

you are no longer friends with my friends.

you say my friends are the worst,

you are saying this because they don’t want to accept you.

don’t think that you were the only friend their for me through all the rough times

you are so toxic to my complicated life

i need to surround myself with  + people!!

its amazing to me how much i used to want you

half of these posts were about you last year

now i just want to block you out of my life

i wish there was a part of me that can reassure that you will never change

so i know i am making the right choice

i will have no more hope for you

no more expectations.

Jul 29
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Jul 15
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Jul 2
Jun 19

Mika- Love Today

It’s almost impossible to not get happy from this one!

Jun 12

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Honestly, really, come on! When people tell me to answer the phone after a few rings to keep him “waiting” I get really bugged. 

I don’t play games. I never will.

Apparently checking in on someone is considered “clingy.” 

I don’t know what that means? I thought I was just being a good friend?

Beats me.

I’m not upset, just puzzled.

Because in truth, these aren’t person specific examples.

People are like this all over the world and it sucks that I probably need to conform.

Jun 12